Overcoming family immigration problems in Louisiana

The face of the typical Louisiana family has changed through the years. Nowadays, many households in this and most other states include members who have arrived in their communities through the family immigration system. Some have set up shop in their own businesses, while others have sought paid employment by other means.

Many immigrants encounter challenges as they cross the border or once they have settled in and are trying to arrange for various family members to join them here. Every family’s needs and situation are unique, although several families may share experiences that are in common. For instance, many immigrant families include young adults who are living and going to college in the U.S. using student visas. Others crossed the border under more urgent circumstances, perhaps seeking asylum as they escaped violence, poverty or persecution in their countries of origin.

It’s not uncommon for immigrants to fear deportation. In recent years, the number of arrests and removals has increased. There’s a lot at stake when one or several people are separated from loved ones, often not knowing when (or if) they will be reunited. Recent news stories have told of children being taken away from their parents, as well as husbands being separated from wives.

The Shelby Law Firm, in Louisiana, has successfully helped many people overcome family immigration problems. We understand that such situations are often highly emotionally charged. We are fully equipped and committed to finding the swiftest path toward the most positive solution possible in your situation.