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May 2019 Archives

Proposal for changes to US immigration law announced

Changes to the law do not happen overnight. In fact, it can take years for proposals to move through the necessary channels before determining whether certain changes should be implemented. Of course, this process can also cause a great deal of confusion to individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere who are concerned with a particular area of law, especially U.S. immigration law.

Asylum seekers continue to wait outside the borders

For many Louisiana residents, waiting is the hardest part when hoping that something will occur. For individuals seeking asylum in the United States, they may find themselves waiting for months before they can even begin the process to find safety in this country. Unfortunately, their struggles only continue.

Some in immigration detention face legal aid restrictions

Coming to the United States from another country is a major step. Unfortunately, the current political climate is making it difficult for individuals to feel welcome in Louisiana and other parts of the country, and many immigrants wind up in immigration detention. Understandably, they may feel frightened and uncertain during this time.

DNA testing may cause more complications for asylum seekers

Most people make some type of life-changing decision during their lives. These decisions can have minor or major impacts depending on the nature of the choices made. For individuals who face threats in their homelands, seeking asylum in Louisiana and other parts of the United States may be a life-changing decision they have to make.

Immigration detention is currently a hot topic in Louisiana

Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards said he and others have worked hard to lower the state's ranking as the nation's highest incarceration state. About a year after making such comments, the governor's goals were accomplished. While there are now fewer people behind bars for criminal offenses, at least three new immigration detention facilities have opened throughout the state, thus leading to projections that there will soon be more immigrant detainees housed here than any other state except for one.

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