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Minor flees immigration detention in another state

Many Louisiana immigrants are currently trying to rectify situations that have led to their own or their loved ones’ detainments. Immigration detention centers in this and many other states are…

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Immigration detention situation has father of 3 quite worried

As many Louisiana immigrants may attest, thousands of people come to the United States when they are unable to find jobs in their countries of origin. In fact, many later…

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U.S. immigration law: Some immigrants fear it

For those who were born and raised in Louisiana or other U.S. locations, it may be difficult to imagine the fear and stress many immigrants experience when they arrive in…

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Woman suffered miscarriage in immigration detention center

U.S. immigration law instructs ICE officials to detain pregnant women in Louisiana and elsewhere who have not yet entered their third trimesters if their paperwork is not in order when…

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Immigration benefits the United States

Part of what makes the United States unique is that it is populated by immigrants from all over the globe. There are few residents here whose ancestors did not emigrate…

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Woman who sought asylum worried her husband will be deported

A woman who emigrated from Guatemala to the United States recently told reporters about the many challenges she and her family have faced along the way. She came here seeking…

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