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August 2018 Archives

US immigration law often changes and may impact Louisiana spouses

Many married couples in Louisiana earn dual incomes to help them make ends meet. This is true of citizen and non-citizen households. In fact, it is common for immigrant couples who have recently arrived in the United States to encounter financial challenges, necessitating both spouses finding gainful employment. Possible policy changes under U.S. immigration law, however, may complicate matters for spouses who obtained their jobs as H-4 visa holders.

Immigration detention should not cause death

Louisiana immigrants may be among many others throughout the nation who have grown increasingly concerned about substandard conditions in many of the nation's detainment facilities. Immigration detention is used by the U.S. government to house people whose legal statuses are in question. However, stories of unsanitary and abusive conditions in many detention centers have continued to surface in recent months, including a situation involving the death of a young child.

Outcry from U.S. senators over immigration detention situation

Thousands of immigrants in Louisiana and across the nation are currently detained. Sometimes, a single member of one family or entire families are housed in immigration detention centers while they wait for their hearing dates to resolve any number of issues, most involving legal status. A recent outpouring of support on behalf of detained immigrants came from several U.S. senators who say that there is ample evidence many detained immigrants are being mistreated.  

Asylum: Difference between affirmative and defensive applications

The average Louisiana resident may have difficulty understanding various aspects of U.S. immigration law. Even those born and raised in the United States are sometimes confused by the legal terminology or the often-changing regulations that govern immigration processes in this country. This is particularly so now that immigration is a hot button issue politically. For instance, many people don't know that there are two types of asylum: affirmative and defensive.  

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