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June 2019 Archives

Sponsor's status could affect family immigration visas

Coming to Louisiana or other parts of the United States is a complicated process. Some individuals may have family members that already live in the country, and they may have hopes that family immigration will help them reach a new home. Of course, this process still takes time and effort to complete.

Immigration detention centers found in deplorable conditions

Though many individuals come to Louisiana and other parts of the United States in hopes of finding better lives, that it not always their initial experience. Some people could find themselves in immigration detention for various reasons and wonder whether they made the right choice in coming to this country. Unfortunately, the state of many detention centers may only enforce this concern.

Risk of deportation has abuse survivors afraid of coming forward

Anyone could become the victim of domestic violence, including immigrants. Unfortunately, many immigrants in Louisiana and other parts of the country find themselves in a difficult predicament when it comes to reporting this and other types of abuse. They may worry that if they come forward with claims, they will put themselves at risk of deportation.

US immigration law now requires social media info for visas

Applying for visas in order to come to Louisiana or other parts of the United States is already a complicated endeavor. It seems that recently more and more stipulations are being enacted under U.S. immigration law that are making the application process even more in-depth. In fact, more changes have just come to light regarding applicants' social media presence.

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