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Removing a child from an estate plan

Life is uncertain, and the plans one made at a certain point in time may no longer be applicable or valid. This is why it is beneficial to occasionally review…

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Estate planning moves in 2021 for the wealthy

With the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate, legislative changes that could affect wealthy Americans are expected to be enacted at some…

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Most adults have estate planning work to do

Even the most successful of Louisiana financial investors do not always consider what legal and financial preparations are necessary for the future. Over the last year, however, many have considered…

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Why include your digital assets in your estate plan?

When people make plans for the future, they generally consider what will happen with their physical assets and their wealth. However, a complete estate plan should take into account all…

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Are you a single parent? Consider a trust when estate planning

When you became a parent, many of your goals in life may have shifted. You knew that you would need to ensure that your child had the support and guidance…

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Dementia and estate planning: Steps to take now

A serious medical diagnosis could significantly impact how one considers the future. In cases where an individual receives a diagnosis of dementia, he or she will want to move quickly…

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