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US immigration law: Visa change may be good news for Louisiana

Summer in Louisiana, as in many other states, typically includes an influx of tourists and other visitors who have time away from their jobs and regular daily lives. U.S. immigration…

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Advocates say immigration detention problems are rampant

Any number of issues could lead to an arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in Louisiana. Immigration detention centers are full of people who have been taken into custody,…

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Teenager tries to secure step-dad’s immigration detention release

A 15-year-old boy in another state recently had a less-than-typical school day. The day began rather uneventfully; in fact, he got up at his usual early-morning time to go to…

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Seeking asylum: What to expect

As someone who is traveling from a dangerous, politically unstable country to the United States, you’ll be seeking asylum. Asylum is provided to people who have suffered persecution or who…

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Asylum application must be completed within a year of US arrival

Every year, tens of thousands of people arrive in the United States, hoping to find safe places to build better lives for themselves and their families. Many of them come…

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Problematic issues in many immigration detention centers

Louisiana and most other states include residents whose immigration paperwork was not up to par when they entered the United States. Some undocumented immigrants have only just arrived, perhaps weeks,…

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