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September 2017 Archives

Family immigration situation compounded by health issues

Many Louisiana immigrants still have relatives living in their countries of origin. For some, the time is near when their family members will be able to join them in the United States. Others have been trying to overcome visa challenges. Other immigrants throughout the nation are currently engaged in similar struggles, such as one woman who needs a stem cell transplant and can't get one because of a family immigration problem.

Woman's lawyer claims U.S. immigration law officials abuse power

Louisiana is home to many immigrants. Some may currently be facing problems regarding U.S. immigration law similar to a woman in another state. The process to remove her from the United States has begun, and she has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security to try to avoid deportation.

Immigration detention issue brings West Coast sheriff under fire

Many immigrants in Louisiana are concerned about deportation. It's apparently no different on the West Coast, where word has it that a current immigration detention problem has many people on edge and has also drawn negative attention to a local sheriff's department in one particular county. The issue has to do with important documents that certain immigrants were reportedly unable to access when they needed them.

Immigration strengthens the American economy

America would simply not be the same without the generations of individuals who come here from other countries. Immigrants, both legal and undocumented, help keep the American economy afloat. Many do jobs others would scoff at, and most are hardworking individuals looking for a better life.

When immigration detention prompts the need for legal help

Many undocumented immigrants in Louisiana (and elsewhere) try to keep very low profiles as they go about their daily lives. The circumstances under which each arrived in this state greatly vary; however, many share common journeys that include escaping abject poverty and imminent danger in their countries of origin. Living in the United States without appropriate legal status places one at great risk for immigration detention problems.

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