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Release date given to flight attendant in immigration detention

Immigrants in Louisiana and across the country face many uncertainties. Even if they believe that they are safe and secure from immigration detention, deportation or other similar possibilities, they may…

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US immigration law allows for marriage-based green cards

Most people hope that they will one day find the loves of their lives. Fortunately, numerous Louisiana residents are able to do so. Of course, if that love involves a…

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US immigration law changes put U-visa applicants at risk

Being an immigrant in Louisiana and other parts the United States can be a frightening experience at times, especially if a person did not enter the country through proper channels.…

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Asylum is not granted to just anyone

Many people often have mixed feelings about leaving home. They may feel sad or guilty about leaving their loved ones behind, or they may worry about leaving the security of…

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You may be able to waive inadmissibility as an immigrant

The United States immigration system is very complicated, and even those who work hard and play by the rules may find it difficult to gain legal admission to the country.…

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