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April 2018 Archives

US immigration law makes headlines following high court ruling

Many Louisiana families include one or more immigrants currently facing possible deportation. Some may have already been forced to say goodbye to family members who were deported following criminal convictionsin the United States. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch cast his vote in a recent decision that tipped the majority to hold that the U.S. immigration law regarding deportations against convicted criminals is unconstitutional because it is vaguely written.  

Activists call foul play in immigration detention dispute

Many immigrant advocates in Louisiana and throughout the nation are speaking out regarding a recent situation that they say is evidence that the U.S. government is unfairly targeting certain groups of people for possible deportation. One man, who happens to be news reporter, was locked up in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement center in this state following another incident where he was arrested and then released after charges against him were dismissed. Instead of setting him free, his jailers handed him over to ICE officials, who then took him to an immigration detention facility in this state.  

Change in immigration detention policy angers advocates

Immigrant advocates in Louisiana may be among others in the nation who recently expressed anger and frustration over the new ICE policies. The immigration detention situation has brought many immigrant advocates forward to say they believe recent changes are unfair to pregnant women. In the past three months, more than 500 expectant mothers have navigated the immigration detention process.  

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