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June 2018 Archives

Executive order impacts immigration detention in Louisiana

Many Louisiana residents, especially those who are immigrants or have family members who are, may be glad to know that President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order whose stated purpose is to end a practice most people (regardless of political party) found morally reprehensible. In the past, children accompanying their parents across U.S. borders were separated from the adults while awaiting adjudication of asylum requests. In fact, more than 2,000 children were separated from accompanying adults when those adults were placed in immigration detention centers for entering the United States without proper documentation.  

Getting sick in an immigration detention center can be deadly

There may be immigrants in Louisiana who will wind up being taken into Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody at some point. Perhaps a traffic stop will lead to a particular detainment or ICE officers will go to a residence, specifically seeking a particular member of the household. Things like this happen every day, and many immigrants say they live in fear that it will happen to them or their loved ones. Recent news suggests that immigration detention centers are dangerous places to be, especially if a detainee becomes ill.  

Overcoming family immigration problems in Louisiana

The face of the typical Louisiana family has changed through the years. Nowadays, many households in this and most other states include members who have arrived in their communities through the family immigration system. Some have set up shop in their own businesses, while others have sought paid employment by other means.  

Father of 2 being held in immigration detention

There are several options for seeking adjustment of legal status under U.S. immigration law. Many Louisiana residents apply for green cards when they marry U.S. citizens. That's what a man in another state did; yet, he recently wound up in an immigration detention center after being taken into custody at a military base in his local community.  

Understanding the U visa and your rights

You had been living in the United States for several years when you witnessed a violent crime in front of you. The person committing the crime saw you, and you quickly became a part of the attack. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but now you have an opportunity to help and get something beneficial in return.

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