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October 2019 Archives

Raid results in 14 people being taken into immigration detention

Many people do not have to worry about the possibility of being arrested when they go into work. Unfortunately, numerous immigrants in Louisiana and across the country may fear that raids on their places of employment could result in their being put in immigration detention. For many, these fears have comes true.

Scammer targeted US immigration law clients

It can be difficult to make sure that paperwork for anything is filed correctly. Of course, paperwork is an important aspect of U.S. immigration law, and if individuals want to change their status, they need to make sure that they take the correct steps and provide the right information. Unfortunately, some immigrants may not turn to the right people for help and end up scammed.

Family immigration difficult when interviews lead to detainment

Moving to a new country, building a life and changing one's immigration status is not easy. Many people rely on family immigration to help them through the process, including receiving a green card by marrying a United States citizen. However, some people are concerned about what has recently taken place at some marriage interviews with immigration officials.

It takes hard work to become a citizen of the United States

It is a major life change to leave one's home country to live in another country. After a time, however, many immigrants come to see the United States as their home and want to become citizens. Of course, numerous people in Louisiana and across the country who have this goal understand how difficult it can be to achieve.

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