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The benefits of young adult estate planning

Young adults in Louisiana often operate under the misconception that planning an estate is only useful to individuals who either possess great wealth or are reaching an advanced age. The…

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A thoughtful approach is important when estate planning

Thinking about the future is not always easy, and many delay considering their own mortality and thinking about what will happen after they pass. Estate planning is an important step…

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Why updates to estate plans are critical for everyone

Life is unpredictable, and while there is no way to control what will happen in the future, there are steps one can take that will allow him or her to…

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Probate: what to expect and how to avoid it

When planning for the future, many Louisiana adults fail to consider how their plans will affect beneficiaries and loved ones when it is time to settle their estate. While most…

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Protection for the future through a strong estate plan

It is not easy to consider the possibility of what will happen with money and assets after passing. Louisiana adults are not able to control the future, but they are…

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