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Tough questions can lead to better plans for businesses

Thinking about and planning for the future can be difficult tasks for some Louisiana business owners. It is not always easy to think about what will happen after passing away…

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LGBTQ+ families may benefit from estate planning assistance

Considering potential legal and financial needs in the future can be a complex process for any adult in any type of family situation. However, LGBTQ+ families in Louisiana may benefit…

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Discussing estate planning with family members

It is not easy to start the conversation about what will happen after passing away. The difficulty and potential awkwardness of these conversations often keep Louisiana adults from having important…

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Is a will or a trust the most beneficial estate planning tool?

An important aspect of long-term planning is choosing the right types of documents for an estate plan. Most Louisiana adults start with a basic will as the foundation for other…

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7 tips for an estate plan you can rely on

Louisiana residents thinking about their end-of-life wishes may not necessarily have sa t down one day and focus ed solely on what they want. They may have been thinking about…

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How should millennials plan for the future?

Long-term planning is an essential step for Louisiana adult s of all ages, especially for those who are new parents or beginning to build their own wealth. Millennials of any…

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