Father of 2 being held in immigration detention

There are several options for seeking adjustment of legal status under U.S. immigration law. Many Louisiana residents apply for green cards when they marry U.S. citizens. That’s what a man in another state did; yet, he recently wound up in an immigration detention center after being taken into custody at a military base in his local community.

The man and his wife have two daughters, both of whom were born in the United States. He had already begun the process of seeking a legal status adjustment. He works as a pizza delivery man and says he had delivered food to the military base many times without suffering any repercussions. That all changed, however, when he showed his ID like he always does, but the guard on duty claimed it was insufficient.

The situation led to the man being taken into custody and set up for immediate deportation. Since then, an emergency stay has been secured in his favor and he is now awaiting the outcome of his plea to remain in the United States. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reportedly wrote letters to high-ranking officials requesting investigation of the matter and to seek the man’s immediate release.

The governor issues strong words against actions he says pose a threat to immigrants in his state and beyond. He further stated that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have shown contempt for the U.S. Constitution and that his state plans to do all that is necessary to protect its workers. Any Louisiana resident currently facing similar immigration detention problems may reach out for support by discussing the situation with an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney.