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February 2018 Archives

Many Louisiana families distraught over immigration detention

One can only imagine the grief of being at home, or some public place, with family members, enjoying time together, when immigration officials suddenly show up and place a father, mother or other family member in handcuffs. Incidents like this happen all the time in Louisiana and across the country, with many people locked in immigration detention facilities and subject to deportation. There have even been immigrants who entered the United States legally only to be arrested and slated for removal; many have been able to rectify their situations, but not without great challenge.

Man hoping for U visa under US immigration law to avoid removal

Many families in Louisiana include immigrants who are currently facing legal status problems. U.S. immigration law is complex, and any number of issues can cause complications resulting in very stressful situations. A family in another state understands this all too well as they have been trying to help their husband/father avoid deportation.

Asylum offices apparently no longer off-limits for ICE arrests

A man whose country of origin is Sudan was hoping to obtain protection from the U.S. government. Instead, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials showed up immediately after his asylum hearing and placed him under arrest. An attorney speaking on his behalf said the move was unprecedented; in fact, asylum offices in Louisiana and elsewhere used to be treated as off-limits for ICE arrests, along with churches, courthouses and schools.

Immigration detention situation makes national headlines

Louisiana readers may be surprised to learn that immigration officers do not need warrants to board buses at Greyhound stations to search vehicle compartments or the people on board. This type of situation happens all the time. In fact, a recent incident led to the arrest of a business owner and former fire fighter. The man also happens to be an undocumented immigrant, and he now sits in an immigration detention facility. 

US immigration law may provide for protection of your status

Many immigrants in Louisiana and elsewhere throughout the country are currently facing situations that threaten their abilities to remain in the United States. U.S. immigration law is complex; however, when you know your rights and how to access support resources, you may be able to resolve your immigration problems. For some people, a U visa is the answer, at least temporarily.

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