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November 2018 Archives

How to keep stress to a minimum in the family immigration process

Many Louisiana residents are currently preparing to try to sponsor their relatives so they can come to the United States to live. It is critical that anyone entering the U.S. from another country of origin first gets all the necessary paperwork in order; otherwise, numerous types of legal problems may arise. Even when applications follow all the rules regarding family immigration, complications still sometimes occur, which can cause delays or impediment to legal entrance into this state or any other.

Immigration detention problem has a man's wife quite worried

A woman who married an immigrant two years ago is now working tirelessly to try to secure her husband's release from a detainment center in another state. He wound up behind bars when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents surrounded him on his way to work. They were in an unmarked vehicle and blocked his path of travel, with several men -- claiming to be agents -- storming toward him and commanding him to get out of his car. The immigration detention situation began with a minor traffic stop several months earlier. Louisiana residents facing similar problems may want to follow this case.              

Man hoping for asylum says he fears being kidnapped

Immigration officials have dropped off hundreds of immigrants at a bus station in another state. Various advocate groups have stepped forward to help these people whose ultimate goal is to seek asylum in the United States. Thousands of Louisiana immigrants may recall similar journeys.

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