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June 2017 Archives

When can an immigrant be detained?

If you have loved ones in Baton Rouge who recently entered the country or are preparing to do so, the ultimate fear you may share with them is the potential of being detained. Your concerns may be well justified. According to information shared by the Department of Homeland Security, 352,882 people were detained by immigration enforcement agents in 2016. Why can an immigrant bet detained? There are a number of different reasons, yet it may comfort you to know that not all detentions automatically results in deportations.

What is political asylum?

If you are seeking political asylum, it’s vital that you understand exactly how the process works and what is entailed of you. While securing the services of a skilled immigration attorney in Louisiana is an essential aspect, you should also ensure that you are well-informed about political asylum and what it means.

What is a U visa?

If you are in Louisiana and wish to obtain a visa, it is important to understand the details of how they work. Not all visas are the same, and some may be restricted, such as the U visa. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a U visa is a special nonimmigrant status visa you can get if you are a crime victim. However, there are specifics about the types of crimes and requirements you must meet to get one.

Determining your eligibility for asylum

If you are among the many people looking to remain the U.S. after having escaped from an area of the world that is locked in a military struggle or experiencing political turmoil, then being granted asylum is likely your immediate goal. Many come to us here at the Shelby Law Firm wanting to seek asylum yet suffering from confusion as to what being granted this status actually means.

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