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September 2019 Archives

Immigration is negatively affected by America's policies in 2019

If you previously wanted to come to the United States to live or already live here but want to bring your family, you may be sorely aware of how the current administration has made it more difficult for immigrants to come to the U.S. In fact, the U.S. population saw the slowest rise in immigration since 2008 in 2018.

Despite exception to US immigration law, man faced detainment

Like with most rules, there are exceptions to certain immigration-related issues. For instance, even if a person did not enter Louisiana or another part of the United States legally, he or she may not be detained in the event that the individual is participating in a lawsuit against an employer for work-related violations. Of course, even exceptions to U.S. immigration law rules can be ignored by officials.

Louisiana seeing rapid increase in immigration detention

Immigration issues are affecting people in all areas of the country. Immigration detention is becoming a serious concern for immigrants and advocates alike, and it seems to many as if numerous detainees go in and only a few come out. Some states are seeing more detainees and detention centers than others.

Judge once again blocks proposed asylum limits

Political atmospheres can easily become complicated. Lately, it seems as if there is much back-and-forth regarding immigration and asylum in the United States, and that trend only continues. As new policies are proposed, blocked, appealed, granted or blocked again, many people in Louisiana and across the country undoubtedly feel uneasy.

US immigration law change may affect children of military members

Many Louisiana residents and those elsewhere consider being in the United States military an honor. Many servicemembers live their lives outside of the country due to the duties they must carry out. As a result, it is not uncommon for military members to have children born in other countries or to adopt children from other countries. However, the automatic citizenship that these children previously received is now under question due to yet another U.S. immigration law policy change.

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