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We Take Our Responsibility To You Seriously

Legal matters always involve the complex and technical aspects of the law. We understand the precision needed for dealing with insurance contracts and the complexities of coverage issues.

But our attorneys understand that other legal areas involve more than just the law. For areas like estate planning, successions and immigration, our attorneys take the time to learn about the people behind the legal issues.

While it is essential to be accurate and professional as lawyers, we know that equally important is the personal relationship we build with our clients.

At the Shelby Law Firm, we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. Our lawyers provide individual attention and a high degree of accountability to each of our clients.

Our firm has effectively represented clients in Baton Rouge for more than 30 years, and we are known for the quality of our legal guidance to our clients, as well as our long-standing ties to the community.

Our Attorneys Have More Than 30 Years Of Experience

We have a diverse practice, ranging from assisting claims representatives with insurance matters, as well as other areas like estate planning and Louisiana’s succession and probate laws and immigration.

We also offer attorneys with diverse backgrounds and experience. For more information on each of our attorneys, follow the links below:


A Team Approach For Every Case

To ensure every case receives the attention to detail it deserves, we have a full team that works on every matter. Our team also includes two certified paralegals, Trinh T. Tran and Tina G. Matz, and a certified public accountant, Allison Gaspard. We know that your legal issue is of great importance, and we devote the time and energy necessary to achieve a successful outcome for your case.


Trinh T. Tran

Legal Billing Administrator

Darlene Brown

Certified Public Account

Allison Gaspard

Contact Us

Our lawyers have decades of legal experience but still provide personable service. Call our Baton Rouge office at 225-366-8945 or use our online form to make an appointment. After-hours appointments are available. Our lawyers speak Spanish and French, and translators are available who speak those languages.