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Sponsoring a spouse takes time under US immigration law

For many Louisiana residents and others across the United States, finding love in their local area was not in the cards for them. Instead, they found love while traveling abroad,…

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Knowing their rights could help immigrants during ICE interaction

Many individuals who came to the United States looking for better lives may feel as if they are only facing more turmoil. Unfortunately, it seems as if there are threats…

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Seeking asylum: What to know about reaching the border

The United States has long provided safety to those who have to flee persecution. To obtain help and freedom from that persecution, a party can seek asylum. Asylum can help…

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Immigration roundups possible in the near future

Many immigrants live in Louisiana and other parts of the United States in fear that they will face deportation. Unfortunately, these immigration concerns are valid as numerous policy changes and…

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Immigrant discrimination: Stand up for yourself

It’s the harsh reality that many people in America are treated as if they’re lesser than others as a result of being an immigrant or appearing to be an immigrant.…

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Further arguments made against asylum policy

Lately, it seems as if the tragic stories involving immigrants are constantly in the news. Unfortunately, many individuals trying to obtain asylum in Louisiana and other parts of the United…

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