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January 2018 Archives

K-4 visa: Family immigration tool for bringing children to US

During an emigration journey, there may be intervals of time where family members are separated from each other. The family immigration process is often complex and various visas may be needed for specific family members to secure lawful entrance to Louisiana or anywhere else in the Country. The K-4 visa is a particular status that allows some parents to bring their children to the United States.

Federal judge issues US immigration law ruling to block action

Immigrants and immigrant advocates in Louisiana and throughout the nation may be closely following political updates regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. This particular issue has been an item of contention where U.S. immigration law is concerned, especially since the new presidential administration took office. In a ruling that recently evoked strong emotions on both sides, a federal judge has blocked the current administration's attempt to eliminate DACA.

Split opinions re plans to build immigration detention facility

Management & Training Corporation is a company that manages private prisons and Job Corps centers throughout the country, including one in Louisiana. The contractor has proposed a plan for a new immigration detention center out west and not everyone is happy about it. Some say construction of a new facility could boost local economy while others have serious concerns about the private prison company because they say its reputation is less than stellar.

Immigration detention need not always lead to deportation

If a person is living in Louisiana without proper documentation after having emigrated here from another country, it can make for an extremely stressful situation. There is definitely an increased risk for immigration detention in such situations, which causes many people to avoid certain people, places and events. For instance, many undocumented immigrants say they try never to go places where they may be required to show evidence of their legal statuses.

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