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July 2017 Archives

Lawsuit filed in immigration detention situation in another state

There may be some families in Louisiana currently facing challenging situations regarding noncitizen family members. In fact, some situations likely involve immigration detention circumstances, either fear of being deported or navigating active removal proceedings. For immigrants, addressing such issues can be utterly frightening, especially if their statuses are not in good standing.

Sheriff's department makes announcement re immigration detention

Thousands of immigrants live in detainment centers in Louisiana and other parts of the United States. Other immigrants (like many U.S. citizens) get arrested and taken to county jails as well. In certain circumstances, their arrests may lead to removal hearings. In one particular county, a sheriff recently announced that his department's policy regarding immigration detention is changing.

How refugees come to the United States

Refugees have been in the news a lot lately. Between the millions of refugees fleeing Syria and continued Islamic State terrorist attacks, many governments have reevaluated their refugee regulations. Here is a rundown of how the refugee process works in the United States, and how a refugee moves from their home country to their new home in Louisiana.

How do you obtain a U visa?

You came to America wanting nothing but to better yourself and to give your family the life they deserve. Once you came here, you realized that not everyone was as welcoming as you expected. You faced a robbery and you've been assaulted.

Securing a marriage-based visa

For many who are living in foreign countries that want to make a new life for themselves in Baton Rouge or elsewhere in the U.S., the first step may be to send one member of the family over to get an education, secure a job, and begin establishing roots in their new homeland. For those that do this who are married, the day that they are able to be reunited with their spouses or secure them residency is undoubtedly an anticipated one. Yet before such a reunion can happen, one should understand the steps required to secure a marriage-based visa.

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