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Important questions for creating an estate plan

Making legal and financial preparations for the future can be a challenging, complex process. It is not always easy to determine what may be important years in the future, and…

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An irrevocable trust could be the right choice for specific needs

When creating an estate plan, the goal is to make choices that will be useful and beneficial for years to come. Thinking ahead about the specific needs of heirs and…

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Both young and old benefit from having a plan for the future

It can be difficult to think about and plan for the future, especially when one does not see the need for it. Young people in Louisiana may believe that because…

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A practical estate planning strategy for adults

One aspect of planning for the future is laying out financial and legal intentions for estate assets after one’s passing. It may also include planning for the possibility of a…

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Could a springing power of attorney suit your needs?

You and many other Louisiana residents understand the importance of having an estate plan. However, you may still have questions about what you want to include in your personal plan.…

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Addressing physical assets in an estate plan

Louisiana adults often spend their lives earning, saving and accumulating assets. After a benefactor’s passing, loved ones and beneficiaries must decide what happens to a decedent’s physical assets. In many…

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