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Why are children dying in immigration detention centers?

Most Louisiana residents, and others across the country who follow U.S. news headlines, are aware that tens of thousands of immigrants have been traveling to the nation’s borders, in the…

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Lack of legal representation problematic in immigration detention

U.S. immigration laws are complex. They are constantly being updated, making it difficult for the typical person, much less someone with a language barrier, to stay updated on such matters.…

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Immigration detention is not this man’s only problem

Louisiana immigrants who arrived to this state without proper paperwork in order undoubtedly understand what it is like to live life, looking over a shoulder. If a police officer or…

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Know your rights as a documented or undocumented immigrant

Xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment have been increasingly apparent in United States culture and in the media recently. Stoked, in part, by politicians seeking reelection, fear of immigration impacting the culture…

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