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Insurers and their companies can face significant liability and financial losses from insurance claims. A qualified Baton Rouge insurance defense lawyer is essential to combating fraudulent claims and limiting the losses from good faith claims in the company. As the leader of a company, you have worked hard to grow and manage your business. You need to work with attorneys who have the same mentality toward protecting and defending your company.

Insurance companies may need defense from workers’ compensation claims, other employment claims, premises liability claims, and car accident claims. These claims can be incredibly complex as both parties work to determine proof of damages, injuries, and other losses. Insurance policies can be complex, and it’s essential that a defense attorney understands how to navigate these policies.

It’s important to secure the services of an attorney who knows when it is in a company’s interest to negotiate or litigate. Good faith claims should be settled efficiently and effectively, and fraudulent claims should be completely shut down.

Experienced Insurance Defense Counsel in Baton Rouge

At the Shelby Law Firm, our clients find a team of lawyers dedicated to helping them with their insurance defense needs. We are dedicated to fighting fraud, and our well-run, organized office helps clients resolve cases smoothly and efficiently. We understand that our clients need regular case updates so they stay informed. We know that our clients cannot wait while a file sits stagnantly.

Our attorneys push cases forward to resolution, through efficient negotiation or litigation. We promptly return phone calls, report to our clients regularly about the status of their cases and remain available to our clients throughout their cases. We have worked for decades in legal defense and understand how to work for our clients’ financial needs. Our attorneys see it as their responsibility to help clients make informed decisions. Contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your insurance defense needs or call us at 225-223-6961.

Moving Cases Forward

When retained, we take our responsibility to our insurance company clients very seriously. We do not waste time or money sitting on files. Rather, we do everything we can to resolve the case efficiently. We know how important it is for your professional reputation and financial growth to manage claims quickly and prevent the success of fraudulent claims. We have defended insurance companies against many claims, including:

  • Workers’ compensation: Workplace injuries can be devastating for employees. These claims can also be financially straining on employers and their insurance providers. Our firm provides effective representation for workers’ compensation insurance companies, limiting the liability of employers and preventing bad faith claims.
  • Premises liability: Public and private property owners are subject to significant risks. When visitors and customers are injured on their property, property owners can be held liable. At Shelby Law Firm, we work to protect your interests and find evidence of the cause of injury. Premises liability injuries can be caused by the negligence of third parties, criminal actions, and unavoidable defects.
  • Automobile casualty: Car insurance companies face significant liability, particularly when someone is severely injured or killed in an automobile accident. Our attorneys can rigorously defend your carrier’s interests against fraudulent claims.
  • Professional liability: Professional liability claims include claims such as medical malpractice, legal malpractice, and insurance provider malpractice. We understand the severity of these accusations and the effect they can have on your personal and professional life. Our team defends your reputation in and out of court.
  • Labor and employment defense: There are many potential liabilities in employment claims. These claims include health and safety violations, civil rights violation claims, wage and hour claims, disability non-compliance claims, discrimination and harassment claims, and other claims that can be professionally and financially harmful to companies.
  • Maritime defense: The maritime industry sees many potential liabilities, including the Jones Act, workers’ compensation, labor and employment claims, maritime passenger injuries, and other disputes. Our firm defends the interests of maritime businesses and insurance providers.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA): There are unique workers’ compensation laws under the LHWCA. These claims require an attorney with experience and understanding of how to handle these claims for insurance providers.

If the case requires litigation, we offer a team of skilled trial attorneys who will vigorously protect your rights. After winning several workers’ compensation fraud cases, our clients trust that we will fight to protect their interests. We will not push for a settlement when a case requires litigation.

As representatives of our clients in negotiations and in the courtroom, we are dedicated to aggressively protecting your rights, yet in a professional and respectful manner.

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Our attorneys can help protect your interests by focusing on your company’s unique goals. Our team can help protect your company’s reputation, providing effective resolutions to claims and limiting your financial liability. The Shelby Law Firm serves clients throughout Louisiana. We have offices in Baton Rouge and Zwolle. Contact our office by email or call us at 225-223-6961 to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you and the business you’ve worked to build.

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