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February 2019 Archives

Most Americans fail civics test required by US immigration law

As most people know, there are a number of steps that immigrants must complete if they want to become naturalized citizens. Under U.S. immigration law, applicants must pass a civics test as part of the naturalization process. However, while this may be a requirement for those who want to obtain citizenship, the majority of those who are already citizens cannot pass the test.

Family immigration can depend on filing paper work on time

Becoming a permanent resident in the United States can give immigrants opportunities that they did not previously have. Family immigration can often help achieve this status. Of course, the proper steps need to be followed in order for individuals in Louisiana and across the country to effectively adjust their statuses. 

Processing US immigration law applications taking longer

People can face immigration issues for a number of reasons. Some parties in Louisiana may need to adjust their status or seek to avoid deportation, or they may want to work toward becoming naturalized citizens. In many cases, immigrants want to follow U.S. immigration law in order to reach their desired outcomes in the correct way.

Several men in immigration detention being force-fed

Many people who come to the United States from other countries do so out of desperation. Unfortunately, while they come to Louisiana and other parts of the country in hopes of finding better lives, many individuals often end up in immigration detention. During their time in such facilities, they may continue to feel at risk rather than finding the safe relief they had initially hoped for.

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