Louisiana seeing rapid increase in immigration detention

Immigration issues are affecting people in all areas of the country. Immigration detention is becoming a serious concern for immigrants and advocates alike, and it seems to many as if numerous detainees go in and only a few come out. Some states are seeing more detainees and detention centers than others.

In particular, Louisiana has one of the fastest-growing numbers of detained immigrants in the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement contracted with private prison companies in the state to create more detention centers. As of early August, there were nearly 4,000 detainees in the state, and in September, ICE contracted to open another eight detention centers, which would more than double the number of beds available to detain immigrants.

In addition to a high detainee population, advocates believe that the ICE field office in New Orleans has a blanket policy of denying parole to individuals seeking asylum. As a result, they must remain in detention. In 2018, only two asylum seekers were granted parole in Louisiana out of 130 cases. The ICE field office has since been ordered to give asylum seekers a fair chance of receiving parole.

Immigration detention has come under a great deal of scrutiny, but numerous people are still held in these centers. Some may feel as if they will never get their chance at release, and family members on the outside likely have similar concerns. Parties facing this ordeal may want to gain information on their possible options for handling their cases. Working with Louisiana immigration law attorneys may allow them to better understand any available options.