Judge once again blocks proposed asylum limits

Political atmospheres can easily become complicated. Lately, it seems as if there is much back-and-forth regarding immigration and asylum in the United States, and that trend only continues. As new policies are proposed, blocked, appealed, granted or blocked again, many people in Louisiana and across the country undoubtedly feel uneasy.

It was recently reported that a federal judge restored his block to a rule proposed by the current presidential administration. The order would prevent individuals from seeking asylum in the United States if they first lived or traveled through a third country before coming to the United States, namely individuals from Central America who must first travel through Mexico. The judge had initially blocked the order, but it was then allowed to apply to certain states.

Many immigration advocates believe, that if people are prevented from seeking asylum in the United States, they will be left in potentially harmful situations. Now, the judge has issued a nationwide injunction to block the rule. The report noted that the presidential administration is attempting to have the previous injunction put on hold.

Understanding the many changes happening with asylum in the United States is becoming more and more difficult. Numerous people who hope to come to the country in order to find relief from the dangers they face in their countries of origin may worry that they will not find the hope and well-being for which they were looking. If individuals have concerns about these seemingly ever-changing policies, it is wise to gain reliable information from Louisiana immigration law attorneys who stay updated on such changes.