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Distributing art in a estate plan

As an artist or a collector, you may have numerous pieces of art on your premises. After your death, the distribution of art in the estate plan may pose a…

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4 Benefits of having an estate plan

Planning for the end of life is a morbid endeavor not many people want to deal with. However, neglecting to do so could mean devastating consequences for your family. If…

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When you should update your estate plan

Even if you had the foresight to make your estate plan at a young age, many life events call for you to make changes to your plan. Life is a…

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When immigration policies clash with our sense of justice

To be a so-called “Dreamer” is to be an undocumented immigrant who grew up in the United States after entering the United States illegally as a child. These cases happen…

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Inadmissibility: 7 reasons to understand

There are seven reasons why people may be inadmissible into the United States as foreign immigrants. Some of these reasons help protect the people already living in the country from…

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Activists organize a border rally for immigrant rights

Immigrants bring so much value and diversity to the United States. However, when deportations of undocumented immigrants increase, our country loses this value. Nevertheless, many immigrants are currently living under…

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