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Overcoming family immigration problems in Louisiana

The face of the typical Louisiana family has changed through the years. Nowadays, many households in this and most other states include members who have arrived in their communities through the family immigration system. Some have set up shop in their own businesses, while others have sought paid employment by other means.  

K-4 visa: Family immigration tool for bringing children to US

During an emigration journey, there may be intervals of time where family members are separated from each other. The family immigration process is often complex and various visas may be needed for specific family members to secure lawful entrance to Louisiana or anywhere else in the Country. The K-4 visa is a particular status that allows some parents to bring their children to the United States.

Family immigration situation compounded by health issues

Many Louisiana immigrants still have relatives living in their countries of origin. For some, the time is near when their family members will be able to join them in the United States. Others have been trying to overcome visa challenges. Other immigrants throughout the nation are currently engaged in similar struggles, such as one woman who needs a stem cell transplant and can't get one because of a family immigration problem.

Securing a marriage-based visa

For many who are living in foreign countries that want to make a new life for themselves in Baton Rouge or elsewhere in the U.S., the first step may be to send one member of the family over to get an education, secure a job, and begin establishing roots in their new homeland. For those that do this who are married, the day that they are able to be reunited with their spouses or secure them residency is undoubtedly an anticipated one. Yet before such a reunion can happen, one should understand the steps required to secure a marriage-based visa.

How can I legally bring my spouse to live in the U.S.?

If you are an immigrant who lives in Baton Rouge, it can be difficult to live in a new country without your family being close by. Here is what you need to know about how you can bring your spouse to live with you in the United States as a permanent resident.

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