Processing US immigration law applications taking longer

People can face immigration issues for a number of reasons. Some parties in Louisiana may need to adjust their status or seek to avoid deportation, or they may want to work toward becoming naturalized citizens. In many cases, immigrants want to follow U.S. immigration law in order to reach their desired outcomes in the correct way.

Unfortunately, following the proper steps can make for a long but necessary journey, and these journeys may only take more time according to recent reports. Apparently, the amount of time it is taking the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to process the applications for any type of immigration issue has increased by 46 percent since the previous presidential administration’s last fiscal year. While the current presidential administration is working to crack down on illegal immigration, some of its efforts are creating significant delays for legal immigration.

The report indicated that the processing time for an application for naturalization now takes over 10 months as opposed to the eight months it used to take. Processing applications for adjustment of status has also increased from eight months up to 11 months. Of course, a backlog of applications exists, and in just a year’s time, that backlog has doubled.

Immigrants hoping to reach their goals are undoubtedly disheartened by the length of time it takes to process their applications. They may have to put many aspects of their lives on hold as they wait for results. Unfortunately, they may also find themselves at risk for deportation or other negative outcomes during this time. In order to understand their cases as best as possible, concerned parties in Louisiana may want to seek advice from U.S. immigration law attorneys.