Even US citizens can end up in immigration detention

Being detained by authorities can be an anxiety-inducing situation for anyone. For individuals in immigration detention, the predicament may seem even more harrowing because they may face the possibility of deportation. However, even U.S. citizens could end up in this type of detention and be kept for days, if not longer.

Louisiana residents may be interested in such a case that was recently reported. A former U.S. Marine was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after he was released from local law enforcement custody for a misdemeanor charge. The man was handed over the ICE because officers apparently thought he was an immigrant living in the country illegally. Officials indicated that the man made a statement claiming that he was a foreign national living illegally in the country.

On the contrary, the man was born and raised in the United States and spent time overseas during his military service. As a result of that service, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and would often experience instances where he would disappear and not remember where he had gone. He had experienced such an episode before ending up in ICE custody. Despite his citizenship status, he was detained for three days before his release.

ICE agents often detain individuals who they believe have violated the law, but as this case shows, even U.S. citizens can wind up in immigration detention. Anyone who has been detained often needs legal assistance to properly navigate this type of scenario. Interested individuals in Louisiana may want to reach out to immigration law attorneys for such help.