Asylum seekers may not have the plans they need before release

Fear can often spur individuals into taking drastic actions. For many people in other countries who are facing potential persecution, their fear can cause them to decide that seeking asylum in the United States may be their best option. Of course, arriving safely in Louisiana or other parts of the country is not always easy, and it is likely that individuals will be held in immigration detention.

Commonly, Immigration and Customs Enforcement would detain asylum seekers and later release them when the individuals had travel plans arranged. However, the presidential administration claims that these “catch-and-release” practices are no longer applicable and that “catch-and-detain” is more appropriate. Of course, numerous people cross the southern border of the United States in hopes of seeking asylum, and due to a lack of detention space, those individuals are quickly being released.

The releases take place so quickly, in fact, that many individuals and families have not yet had time to make travel plans to reach their intended destinations. ICE often drop immigrants off at bus stations though they have no idea where to go. As a result, numerous individuals are ending up in charity-run shelters until plans can be made.

Though many immigrants may feel lucky to have made it into the country, their journeys do not stop there. If they hope to obtain asylum, they need to complete the proper legal process. It can be difficult to know what steps to take during the process, and individuals in Louisiana may greatly benefit from having legal advocates on their sides. Immigration law attorneys can help those seeking protection find the best routes.