Family immigration form can now be filed online

Most people enjoy having relatives nearby. They can keep up with family news, have gatherings and generally spend time together and have the comfort that comes from family. Of course, if a person moved to Louisiana or another part of the United States from another country, their family members may not be with them for some time. As a result, family immigration may be important to them.

When it comes to helping a family member come to the United States, a naturalized citizen will need to take the appropriate steps to begin the process. The first step to becoming a sponsor is filing the correct form with the right agency. In this case, the form would be Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Once the form is approved by the government, the next steps can occur.

Until recently, this form was not available electronically, but now, individuals can begin this immigration process by completing and filing the form online with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This electronic process may help this step go faster, which can be a relief to those looking to move forward. Still, there will likely be a wait while the forms are processed and other steps are taken.

Though filing this form online can create some convenience for family immigration, it is still essential that the form is filled out correctly. Any left out or incorrect information could result in delays or denials. As a result, individuals looking to start this process may want to have the help of experienced Louisiana immigration law attorneys.