Scammer targeted US immigration law clients

It can be difficult to make sure that paperwork for anything is filed correctly. Of course, paperwork is an important aspect of U.S. immigration law, and if individuals want to change their status, they need to make sure that they take the correct steps and provide the right information. Unfortunately, some immigrants may not turn to the right people for help and end up scammed.

Louisiana readers may be interested in a scam that affected numerous immigrants in another state. According to reports, a woman claimed that she was an immigration consultant and that she could help immigrants obtain citizenship, asylum or green cards. Of course, she also charged individuals a fee for her services. Unfortunately, the individuals who went to her for help only lost their money.

The women never filed the paperwork on behalf of her clients, and if anyone complained about how she handled their cases, she would break off communications with them. She reportedly made over $100,000 from the scam. She was recently indicted for defrauding those who sought her help. Unfortunately, there are others like her out there attempting to prey on vulnerable people hoping to achieve their immigration goals.

Because there is such a high risk of asking for help from the wrong people, it is typically wise for immigrants to seek assistance from reputable parties. U.S. immigration law attorneys can help concerned individuals work toward their immigration goals with trustworthy support. If individuals in Louisiana are hoping to adjust their status or address other immigration concerns, they may want to reach out to local attorneys for reliable assistance.