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Asylum seekers often face lengthy wait times

Many people feel unsafe at some point in their lives. For some, the fear can be so substantial that they leave their home countries in search of asylum in the United States. Though they may hope to find a better situation than what they left behind, that safety is not always guaranteed.

It is common for people to end up in Louisiana and other states in efforts to escape the fear of persecution in their native countries. If they successfully reach the border, they are commonly detained by Border Patrol agents and taken to a holding facility for processing. They often remain in holding for varying lengths of time. Some parties are held for months, but some are released if there is not enough room in the processing facilities.

If they are released, many try to find family members who already live in the United States or otherwise try to start new lives while they wait for their cases to move forward. Unfortunately, processing cases can take years. Often, asylum seekers choose to obtain employment while waiting, and after being in the country for 150 days, they can apply for work permits, which are not easy to obtain.

Individuals hoping to find asylum in the United States can face numerous difficulties. Their cases can take a significant amount of time to move forward, and many individuals fear that they will face negative repercussions from immigration authorities. It is often wise for individuals hoping to find a safe place in Louisiana and other parts of the country to obtain legal support to ensure that they take the proper steps for their cases.