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US immigration law regulation affects low-income people

Many people struggle with their finances for various reasons. Some individuals may feel that making a drastic change in their living arrangements could allow them to seek better financial opportunities. For instance, certain people in other countries may come to the United States in hopes of finding better job opportunities, but more regulations relating to U.S. immigration law could make that more difficult.

Louisiana readers may be interested in a new regulation relating to low-income immigrants looking to obtain green cards or visas. Reports indicated that having a low income or having utilized government benefits like food stamps, housing vouchers and most forms of Medicaid could hinder a person’s application for coming to or staying in the country. The regulation is reportedly in efforts to ensure that those coming to the United States or those hoping to remain permanently will be self-reliant.

It was noted that this regulation will not affect children under 21 years old, pregnant women using Medicaid, active duty military members and emergency medical care. Still, this change is anticipated to have an effect on approximately 382,000 individuals looking to remain in or come to the United States, but others indicated that millions of people could be impacted. It is anticipated that this regulation will have the most significant and long-lasting effect of the recent changes implemented by the current presidential administration.

It can be difficult to stay on top of the many U.S. immigration law changes that seem to only keep coming. Understandably, many individuals in Louisiana who hope to obtain green cards or help family members obtain visas may have concerns about this new regulation. In order to gain more information on how it could affect them, concerned parties may want to consult with immigration law attorneys.