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Asylum eligibility requirements may narrow

Being in danger or having a family member in danger is a harrowing situation. In some cases, individuals may face threats in their home countries that make it dangerous for them to even remain in their homelands. As a result, many come to the United States to seek asylum, but as of late, obtaining this protection is becoming more and more difficult.

Louisiana readers may be interested in recent reports indicating that the current presidential administration may further narrow the eligibility for asylum seekers. Apparently, the restrictions are coming in efforts to reduce the number of asylum cases, including purportedly fraudulent ones. In particular, individuals who are seeking protection from threats that first came against a family member may no longer qualify. In the past, family members have been considered part of a particular social group that individuals could face persecution for being part of.

In a recent case involving this issue, an individual had been considered eligible for asylum after being threatened by a drug cartel that had first threatened his father. Attorney General William Barr ruled that the Board of Immigration Appeals improperly approved the man’s eligibility for asylum. However, Barr’s decision to exclude threatened family members could face additional appeals.

Many people in dangerous situations find that asylum is their last hope of escaping potential harm. Unfortunately, many people are understandably worried that this last hope may even be out of reach. If individuals are interested in seeking protection in the United States, they may wish to consult with Louisiana immigration law attorneys about their options.