Grants may help with citizenship pursuit under US immigration law

Wanting to become a citizen of the United States can seem like a far-off dream for many immigrants in Louisiana and across the country. It is not unusual for many obstacles relating to U.S. immigration law and other factors to stand in their way, including expenses related to filing their petitions. Fortunately, recent news may give hope to some pursuing this dream.

It was recently reported that the current presidential administration intends to provide $10 million through two grant programs in efforts to help current permanent residents become citizens. Citizenship preparation programs can apply for the grants and, in turn, help low-income individuals work toward completing the citizenship process if the grant applications are approved. These programs often help parties understand the naturalization process and how to get ready for it.

The two grant programs are the Citizenship Instruction and Naturalization Application Services Program and the Refugee and Asylee Assimilation Program. The second program will aid up to four organizations that help permanent residents who first came to the United States as refugees or asylum seekers. The grant recipients will be announced in September.

This information may give some individuals who are hoping to achieve citizenship a sense of hope for moving forward. As permanent residents work through the U.S. immigration law process, it is wise to have assistance. Though assistance programs are available, it can also be important to have legal support in the form of Louisiana immigration law attorneys. These legal professionals could ensure that the information individuals obtain is correct, help them with their applications and address any road bumps along the way.