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Man seeks sanctuary due to US immigration law issues

The current government shutdown is having far-reaching repercussions. In particular, individuals affected by U.S. immigration law are feeling these impacts as their cases face numerous setbacks. Some Louisiana residents may worry that they could face deportation or other negative outcomes because of the delays in their cases.

It was recently reported that a man in another state has had to seek sanctuary in a church due to the government shutdown and its effects on his immigration case. Apparently, the man has been pursuing citizenship since 2011, but the man was pulled over for a traffic violation and recently missed a court date because of an issue with the mail resulted in him not receiving a summons. Now, he is worried that he will be deported.

The man stated that he entered the country illegally in hopes of escaping gang violence in his native country. While in the United States, he was assaulted and helped police catch the person who committed the crime. As a result, the man could file a petition for a U visa. However, because of the government shutdown, his immigration case cannot make any headway, and he is hoping that seeking sanctuary in the church will give him enough time for the government to reopen and for his case to be further evaluated.

Being an immigrant in Louisiana or other parts of the United States can sometimes feel frightening, especially under the current issues regarding U.S. immigration law. Still, individuals facing issues relating to their immigration statuses and cases have legal options. Concerned parties may want to work closely with their legal counsel in hopes of finding the best solutions to their problems.