Problematic issues in many immigration detention centers

Louisiana and most other states include residents whose immigration paperwork was not up to par when they entered the United States. Some undocumented immigrants have only just arrived, perhaps weeks, days or even hours ago. Others have been living here for decades. Some wind up behind bars in immigration detention centers.

Immigrant advocates throughout the nation have been quite vocal regarding serious problems that appear rampant throughout such facilities. There have been numerous reports citing filthy conditions that place detainees’ health at risk in many detention centers. In fact, some immigrants have reached out for support, saying their health was made worse when immigration officials denied them necessary medical care.

A clinical psychologist recently spoke on the topic of human rights abuses in immigration detention centers. She noted that such atmospheres can be especially traumatic for pregnant women and that the health of mothers and babies may suffer if expectant women are not afforded the opportunity to live out their pregnancies in healthy, low-stress environments. Situations in some detention facilities are reportedly so bad that immigrants have died from injuries or illnesses that otherwise would have been easily treatable had they not been denied medical treatment.

Many psychologists say that being locked up in immigration detention for extended periods of time, especially if basic needs of food, hygiene and health are not met, can cause post-traumatic stress disorder in those affected. Others may suffer severe cognitive impairment as a side effect of high levels of stress. The good news is that any immigrant in Louisiana or elsewhere does not have to go it alone when trying to secure his or her release or that of a family member from one of the nation’s detention facilities; an experienced immigration law attorney can be a great asset at such times.

Source:, “Human Rights Abuses in Immigrant Detainment Centers In The Trump Era“, Will Bacha, April 20, 2018