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U visa may help you avoid immigration detention

If you are an immigrant living in Louisiana, you may be able to relate to others who say they often worry about deportation. It’s definitely a hot topic and often the center of great controversy in political discussions and even those held in private circles. There appears to have been an increase in immigration detention situations in recent months. However, some people avoid detainment when they apply for U visas.

A U visa is a temporary protected legal status. It’s not as simple, however, as merely filling out a general application and obtaining one. As with most other immigration processes, there are many prerequisites that must be fulfilled to qualify for application. In this case, one of the requirements is that you have to have been the victim of a violent crime.

The crime against you must also have taken place in the United States. Immigrants are often hesitant to report such situations, especially if they are living under undocumented statuses. A U visa protects you from deportation, but you must agree to aid police officers and prosecutors in their quests to secure convictions against any and all parties deemed responsible for the crime against you.

A U visa is not the only means for avoiding immigration detention. If you are currently facing a immigration-related problem, you can reach out for support from the Shelby Law Firm in Louisiana. Our experienced legal team is sympathetic to the various needs of our multinational clients. If there is a way to help you avoid deportation or successfully resolve another immigration problem, we are fully prepared to help you find it.