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Immigrants in another state must be told of their asylum rights

A judge in another state has ruled that immediate reform must take place regarding one of the nation’s immigrant detention facilities. In Louisiana and other states, immigrants who enter the United States without proper documentation are often apprehended at the border (or later) and detained while they await removal trials. The judge in this case said immigrants must now be informed of certain asylum rights they have; also, they may no longer be confined indefinitely if there are no reasons to deny parole.

U.S. immigration law is a hot topic that is likely to raise debate wherever it is mentioned. Immigrant advocates commenting on the recent ruling in another state say the judge did the right thing, because people who flee imminent danger and seek refuge in the United States should be able to reside with their loved ones while they await their hearings. The situation was prompted by a class action lawsuit the Civil Liberties Union filed on the behalves of 30 asylum seekers.

The judge ruled that the federal detention facility in New York (which happens to be the largest in the state) must immediately reform its parole process. Changes are to include informing immigrants (in languages they can understand) that they may file for appeal if their paroles are denied. If, in fact, a parole is denied, the immigrant in question must also be informed of the reason for the denial.

Nationwide, approximately 26,000 were granted asylum in 2015. Many immigrants’ lives in New York, and perhaps Louisiana and elsewhere, may be affected by the recent call for reform. Anyone facing particular legal problems regarding asylum may ask an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney for help.

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