Immigration detention led to military veteran’s deportation

A family in another state was recently reunited after having been separated for a long time. Many Louisiana residents may relate to the situation, which began with one member of this particular family being sent to an immigration detention center. Fathers, mothers, and even children continue to be detained across the United States, which has prompted immigration advocates to call for system reform.

The reunited family spent years apart, with the mother working three different jobs in order to make ends meet. Her husband, a U.S. Army and National Guard veteran, was detained in an immigration prison for a year and a half without possibility of bond. He was then deported to his country of origin.

The military veteran fought for his rights from abroad and eventually (just recently) returned to the United States to be with his family again. Those close to the situation say his daughter experienced extreme emotional trauma while separated from her father. Those calling for system reform say immigration detainments are profit based, with more than 70 percent of immigrants in detention being held in private confinement facilities.

Since the new president took office, immigration detention has remained a hot topic of debate. Louisiana immigrants may be among those who fear that they will be next when it comes to being led away in handcuffs and torn apart from loved ones. Anyone facing a particular problem related to possible deportation can seek help by calling on an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney in the area.

Source: Newsweek, “Why Are We Locking Up Immigrants For Years?“, Kristina Shull, Nov. 9, 2017