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Sheriff’s department makes announcement re immigration detention

Thousands of immigrants live in detainment centers in Louisiana and other parts of the United States. Other immigrants (like many U.S. citizens) get arrested and taken to county jails as well. In certain circumstances, their arrests may lead to removal hearings. In one particular county, a sheriff recently announced that his department’s policy regarding immigration detention is changing.

The sheriff said those being held in jail will no longer be kept past their release dates in situations where Immigration Customs Enforcement issues detainers, unless they show appropriate judicial authority approval. An ICE detainer requests local jails to hold immigrants past release dates when charges are dropped or rulings of innocence are handed down in court, etc. Compliance with such requests is voluntary. This particular sheriff said his department will no longer comply unless the stipulations he has set are fulfilled.

The sheriff also stated his department will contact ICE any time someone with an immigration hold is being released so they are aware and can proceed as necessary. One can only imagine how nervous an immigrant might get if informed that he or she is going to be kept in jail beyond the date of release. In fact, many immigrants (even some who are documented) say their stress levels soar any time they get pulled over in traffic stops or taken to jail for even a minor charge, because they fear that, once they’re locked up, they’ll get deported.

Such situations can be extremely complicated and stressful. However, just as any other defendant is able to do, an immigrant may ask to speak with an attorney to seek guidance. A Louisiana attorney well-versed in U.S. immigration law would be a great source of support for any matter concerning immigration detention in this state.

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