What is political asylum?

If you are seeking political asylum, it’s vital that you understand exactly how the process works and what is entailed of you. While securing the services of a skilled immigration attorney in Louisiana is an essential aspect, you should also ensure that you are well-informed about political asylum and what it means.

As stated by Public Radio International, the term political asylum is a bit of a misnomer. In fact, asylum can be granted for many different reasons. Asylum is given to those who are in fear of being persecuted in their country of origin based on things like being a member of a particular group, political opinion, religious beliefs, race or nationality, etc. While persecution by one’s home government is often a factor, persecution by a group or faction within a country which is not part of the government can also be applicable.

To be considered eligible for asylum, you must be able to establish that your fear of persecution is well-founded. To this end, persecution is defined as discrimination, harassment or actual harm. You must also show that persecution is likely to occur if you return to your home country, and that you’ve experienced it in the past. In the United States, those seeking asylum must prove that they have at least a ten percent chance of experiencing persecution if they return.

Also, the persecution you experience must be based on certain criteria. If a country is currently in conflict and you are endangered by living there, that does not mean that you can receive asylum. The harm you face must be based on one of the above principles, and in cases where it’s political motivated, it must involve an opinion that you hold or that was passed on to you via family or region.