US immigration law often changes and may impact Louisiana spouses

Many married couples in Louisiana earn dual incomes to help them make ends meet. This is true of citizen and non-citizen households. In fact, it is common for immigrant couples who have recently arrived in the United States to encounter financial challenges, necessitating both spouses finding gainful employment. Possible policy changes under U.S. immigration law, however, may complicate matters for spouses who obtained their jobs as H-4 visa holders.

The current presidential administration has talked about revoking the policy enacted under the Obama administration that allows spouses of H-1B visa holders to also secure employment in the U.S. Elimination of the policy would mean only the spouse who possesses an H-1B visa would be permitted to work in the United States. It is understandable how this might create serious financial problems for many families.

One woman who came to the United States on an H-4 visa said she was thrilled with the policy was enacted that enabled her to seek gainful employment. She got a job and says that she and her husband were finally able to pay their bills because they could both contribute financially to their household. She also said that if the policy is overturned she and her husband will likely have to leave the United States.

Immigrant advocates speaking against the proposed U.S. immigration law policy changes say the nation will undoubtedly lose many highly skilled workers and may also lose students who will choose other countries over the United States in which to study. Anyone in Louisiana facing visa problems can reach out for support from an experienced attorney well-versed in immigration law. Many problems are resolvable providing the right type of support is accessed.