Trying to resolve US immigration law issues in Louisiana?

When you and your family arrived in Louisiana to live, you likely overcame multiple obstacles as you adapted to life as immigrants. U.S. immigration law is known for being quite complex. It also is prone to frequent changes, so it is critical that you do your best to stay updated because rules that apply to your particular situation may not be the same a month or a year from now.

Keeping your paperwork in order is of primary concern, especially if you entered the United States on a family or employment-based visa. Visas expire, and there are definite steps you must take to apply for renewal. If you fail to do so or are late in filing, serious legal status problems can arise.

Such problems sometimes result in immigration detention situations. The thought of being separated from your loved ones and not knowing whether you will be allowed to stay in the U.S. or forced to return to your country of origin is stressful and worrisome. If you know your rights and where to seek support if an immigration-related problem arises, you may be able to rectify a situation in a swift and successful manner.

The Shelby Law Firm understands the ins and outs of the U.S. immigration law system. Whether you are preparing to come to Louisiana or have already begun building a new lifestyle here, our experienced legal team can provide guidance and support if you encounter challenges that place your legal status at risk. Your family’s rights and best interests are high priorities we are prepared to defend.