Removing a child from an estate plan

Life is uncertain, and the plans one made at a certain point in time may no longer be applicable or valid. This is why it is beneficial to occasionally review an estate plan and determine if changes are necessary. There are times when a Louisiana parent wishes to disinherit a child, and it may be helpful to understand how to make updates that are effective and in line with current preferences.

Avoiding a will contest

Family members who are disinherited may act in a certain way in response to the news they will no longer have a rightful claim to a portion of a parent’s estate. They may contest the will and cause complications for others. Some of the most effective ways to prevent this from happening include:

  • Make a plan that will keep certain assets from going through probate.
  • Establish a revocable trust as part of the estate plan.
  • Consider a “no contest” clause in the will.
  • Name joint owners and beneficiaries on certain types of accounts.

These are only a few examples of the adjustments that may be necessary when removing someone as an heir. An evaluation of the individual situation can reveal the specific steps that might be necessary.

Confidence for the future

An up-to-date and thoughtful estate plan is a practical way to have confidence regarding the future. A Louisiana attorney can explain the options available to a parent who wishes to remove one child as an heir. Changes and updates may be necessary, but these steps can provide peace of mind regarding the security of the estate and assets.